Meet the system we designed just for you.  

The Maverix Analytic Platform was designed by biologists for life science researchers, allowing you to directly analyze, visualize, explore, and manage your own NGS data in an easy-to-use system without the need for bioinformatics expertise or large-scale computing infrastructure.

Get started fast.

  • Affordable, easy to use platform for any life science researcher
  • Easily upload your own data sets

Flexible environment.

  • Analyze and visualize data from any species - human, animal, plant or microbe

Analyze with confidence.

  • Run proven, best-in-class open source analytics
  • Ready to use, carefully constructed pre-configured pipelines or custom service development

Put your data in context.

  • Surf results securely using the integrated UCSC Genome Browser
  • Perform context-aware analysis by integrating your data with both public and private data sources

Watch a short introductory video to learn more.